Thursday, January 16, 2014

announcements for rose

 i bought everything i needed to make rosie's birth announcements the first week she was born.  but actually making them was kind of impossible.  i set so many goals on timing - before she was 6 weeks, before 3 months, by thanksgiving - but still they sat.  finally i made it happen with luke's help, only because i couldn't imagine getting into Christmas cards when i'd had these on my mind for months.  they went out in mid december. :)

i didn't order her a stamp like i did with mateo and ruby - ruby's stamp was the last one the artist ever made, and she made it for us for free to celebrate her retirement from stamp-making.  i wanted to add something to the envelope, so i chopped the bottom off a bunch of celery and the kids helped me stamp a celery rose onto each envelope.  


  1. it was a beautiful announcement.........still hanging in the library....along with your latest family picture.

  2. they are just so lovely. i love your creativity and your babies are just so beautiful. :)