Tuesday, November 1, 2011

happy halloween

happy halloween!  we had a super fun night.

mateo wanted to be an aspen tree.  ruby had been given a gold tutu which inspired me to make her into an owl like this one.  unfortunately, i began making their costumes the day before halloween which meant some pretty crazy hours trying to make them happen up until the very second that trick or treating started.  next year i will try to start earlier!

i think my sewing is like my spanish - i don't really know how to do it correctly, but i have found ways to cut corners and pull something together.  mateo could barely fit his arms in his costume.  :)

we surprised luke at his office, then walked downtown for the trick or treating at the shops.  it was great and i'm grateful that they do it, but the crowds + me wanting to have real interactions with neighbors + give these guys old school halloween experiences makes me think we will stick to neighborhood trick or treating from now on.  we went to a neighborhood near downtown towards the end of the night and mateo knocked on a few doors and that was my favorite part of the evening.

they both did really great - ruby fell asleep and was a total angel baby, and mateo did good with all the commotion.  (don't ask me about his post-candy behavior at a restaurant later in the night).

 right now we are heading out to a local dentist in town who buys back the candy we received and sends it to the troops.  don't worry luke - i saved you some kit kats!

   i am including way too many halloween photos here, because they make me smile and i want to look back on them next year.  hope you enjoy.  :)

ps. we really missed our michigan friends.  wish we could have been out with you all.


  1. Such cuties - you did great on the costumes!!!

  2. Oh, Pamela,

    As usual, you covered so many bases, it's hard to respond to them all.

    First, great last-minute sewing job. As usual, you made last-minute look amazing!

    Second, as a Michigan friend, I miss you guys too (so much, you have no idea!)

    Third, what is this candy-to-the-troops program? I would love to do this (great for morale, even if not for teeth!)

    Fourth, give your little nature wonders big hugs and kisses from Bryony and me. We were just telling a new friend the significance of "Teo-Bear" this evening...you are gone but soooooo not forgotten!

    Love you! Lauren and B.

  3. Pamela I LOVE the costumes--the manage to make your already adorable kids even cuter! Sounds like we had similar post-candy Halloween experiences too!

  4. Oh. My. Goodness. These costumes are SO adorable. Nicely done!

  5. The costumes look so great--they are SO cute! I cannot believe how big the two of them are already. I guess this is what happens when I don't blog for four weeks!!!