Sunday, October 9, 2011

we went camping at lake powell

last weekend we went camping with friends at lake powell!  we had the best time and it felt like we actually, really, truly got to relax a bit because we didn't fill our days with driving and sight-seeing.  the daily goals were pretty much: 1) hang out by the lake, 2) enjoy the company, 3) eat yummy food, and 4) kayak around.  

i didn't ask for everyone's permission to share photos so the ones shared here are either all of our family or are far-away views of our friends.  (and that means there are no photos of our super cute new baby nephew, sorry).  :)

on our way up we stopped at horseshoe bend.  it is a small hike to a breathtakingly beautiful view of the colorado river, and also takes your breath away because there are no rails and you are free to roam around the 1000-feet-high cliffs that drop to the river.


here is our camping spot, right on the lake.  mateo is "taking a picture".

we camped at lone rock beach for only $10 a night.  there were several rvs (aunt debi, we should have a family reunion here!) but still space for us to have our own bit of the lakeside.

mateo as usual woke up super early in the morning so this photo is of the sunrise during his walk with luke.

and then ruby woke up super early and we joined them.  i like all of our sleepy faces and the brilliant sunrise light.

a friend gave ruby this (very girly) swimsuit that she was happy to model.  :)

 ruby also had some sweet times with my best girlfriend from 5th grade.  :)

we took turns kayaking out around the lone rock that you can see in the photo above.  mateo went on his first kayak trip and did great!  it made us happy to use it again, and glad that we didn't sell it in michigan.

 and we ate so well!  above is a photo of the dinner luke's brother b & a made, marinated tofu and all.  we made navajo tacos which were eaten too quickly too photograph.  there was also cake and fruit and chopped veggies and hummus and the best chai-inspired s'mores ever.

i should say, for memories sake, that the wind picked up pretty heavily both nights that we camped, but just for 10 minutes or so.  our new and gigantic cheapie tent acted more like a sail than a tent and started flying away the first night.  the second night mateo was sleeping in it when the wind picked up, and even though it was weighed down with sleeping pads and bags and our junk and mateo's body and staked to the ground, it again started flying away!  it was absolutely terrifying for mateo and for all of us who were trying to find the door to a collapsed and flapping tent in the dark during a sandstorm.  i returned the tent the morning we got back to town, and contacted the company.   i think we now have to go back to using rei tents only.

except for the tent, it was a great weekend and we came away feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.   we hope to make this an annual group camping trip.


  1. What great memories you are making. LOVE the swimsuit!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love that baby-kini! So cute!

    Your camping trips inspire me to give into my husband's camp-loving ways and go again, braving the trip with a wild 2 yr old...

    What beautiful memories you're making and sights you're enjoying!

  3. You guys take the most breath-taking photographs...I can't fault you for a minute for leaving Michigan to move out to Arizona when there are sights like those to see!

    Ruby is no longer the eensy-weensy baby I once held. She is now standing and becoming a real little sister to Mateo. So glad you are wonderful with the photo documentary so those of us far away can witness hers and Teo's growth.

    You are loved and missed so deeply back here in Lansing. I thought about you and Teo riding on your bike while B and I were out on a bike ride today, and I missed you again for the thousandth time since your move.

    But, I must admit, you guys seem to belong where you are now, and I am happy for you.

  4. could she be in cuter in that yellow ruffled bikini????? what a great trip.

  5. So fun!!! Looks like an amazing area to camp. LOVE the bikini. Glad you're having some fun embracing the girly! I know I will too ;)