Wednesday, October 26, 2011

a turn of events

the sky was cloudy and full of rainbows when we drove to the library this morning, and the mountains couldn't be seen.  we went to baby story time and stayed for toddler story time right after and didn't have the best time.  ruby was in the mood to pull my hair over and over, mateo was pushy once with a little boy, then later accidentally stepped on the boy's little sister's toes which made their mother glare at me the rest of the hour.  then he was fully on (what we call) the no-train and the room was really, really hot.

we got out of there right when it ended, all of us grumpy and/or tired.  as we drove toward home and i tried to figure out what to tackle on our to-do list, the clouds parted and the sun came out and revealed a fresh snow on the peaks of the mountains.  it was too pretty to resist so we pulled over to grab some emergency granola bars from the trunk, put on some folk-y music, and drove to the top of the mountain.

i am so glad we visited the aspens when we did a week or so ago - these same aspens are no longer golden, but totally bare.  when we got to the furthest drivable point on the peaks we realized the snow hadn't fallen low enough for us to really get into it, but mateo found a (light) patch to play in.  i don't think he remembers snow - he was afraid to touch it at first.  ruby stayed in the car and snoozed.

we all felt better after a pretty drive and some fresh air and some mountain time.  i was *this* close to driving all the way to sedona after and declaring it an outside day all around, but stomachs were rumbling and eyelids were getting droopy in the backseat.  i am so happy we live near such a beautiful mountain that can help turn our day around.

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  1. Oh my! This makes me wish we lived closer, outside play days do those little boys so much good!