Wednesday, October 19, 2011


luke had a two day conference in prescott recently and so we all tagged along.  i hadn't been to prescott for years, and i remembered it only as being western and touristy and that is about it.  after our weekend there we totally are huge prescott fans.  it was a hip town that was pretty walkable and so full of thrift stores and yummy restaurants.  we had a great time.

 we debated staying at the cheapest place in town with bad reviews (since we weren't planning on staying inside much anyways) or the boutique-y motel that had the greatest reviews and wasn't too expensive called the motor lodge.  the day before leaving, luke called the lodge and they had literally *just* had a cancellation so we booked a room.  we are not typically hotel-crazy people and i never take photos of hotel rooms but this place was so great and super fun and totally made our weekend.  it used to be one of those run down route-66-style hotels until the current owners bought it and redid everything with colors and antiques and great design.  every room is different and most have porches and fireplaces, plus it is just a few blocks away from downtown.  when we checked in we were given some cold beers (and 3 organic juice boxes for mateo!) and thrift store advice, and when we checked out we were given bags of just baked cookies.  when we saw the other guests outside we'd all look at each other as if we were in on the best kept secret of prescott.  we think it would be ther perfect place to rent out several rooms with friends or family.  enough, enough, i know, but just in case you ever go to prescott you must stay at the motor lodge!

 so, back to the weekend:  ruby, mateo and i went thrifting (there were thrift stores everywhere we looked!) while luke did the conference thing.  highlights found were: a mexican shirt for me, a globe for luke's office, one of those old metal tv trays for mateo (that he mistook for a step stool a few minutes after getting it home and is now broken), and a sweet well seasoned cast iron pan.  if we drove something bigger than a corolla there would have been trunks and couches purchased, too.

i left my camera accidentally in our room for most of the time we were there, but we walked around the town square and checked out the courthouse and shops and art festival going on that weekend.  we also ate quite a bit at some yummy places - in & out (flagstaff doesn't have one so we indulged), bill's pizza which seemed pretty local and was delicious, lone spur cafe where i was served a giant plate of french toast encrusted with corn flakes (believe it) and we found a sweet little coffee house called cuppers that had live music in the middle of the day.  thanks to prescott for the best time ever.

we decided to drive home the scenic way and got to revisit one of our very favorite arizona towns - jerome.  it is an old mining town perched on the side of a mountain with tiny sidewalks and massive views.  can you see the mountains where we live in the photo below?  jerome is super artsy which is lovely, but is filled with things that little ones can grab and break so we mostly walked the streets and stayed out of the shops.

ruby fell asleep on my back and luke took her off to put her in the car and she stayed asleep hanging in the air in his arms - it was the sweetest thing and people stopped to look at her.  i ran for the camera but by the time i got back she had just opened her eyes.  i promise she smiled the second after i took this photo.  :)

the next part of the drive took us through sedona which is always beautiful.  we went to our our old favorite mexican restaurant where we used to always go after hikes and split the mini-samples-of-everything-platter.  unfortunately, some things do change and it was way more expensive and not so yummy as 10 years ago.  a sign of a touristy restaurant in arizona is when you are charged for chips and salsa and i'm sorry to tell you that here we saw this sign.  :)

even though luke had to work part of the weekend we really felt relaxed and vacationed after it.  we made a calendar on the way home of places we want to visit annually (in crayon) and this exact weekend is now on it.


  1. So glad you got to have a relaxing weekend with your little fam! I love the pics you take on your weekend getaways :)

  2. Prescott... my home town! Oh how this un-city girl longs to live there again!