Saturday, October 15, 2011

an afternoon in the aspens

we spent the loveliest afternoon in the aspens last thursday.  luke was leaving for a conference and had an afternoon flight, so we whisked him away just before to enjoy the changing leaves before they disappear.

we grabbed a quick picnic lunch and went to the aspen stand near snowbowl.  it was beautiful!  leaves so golden and grass so soft. 

this is a special place for us since it is where we wanted to have our wedding, except getting married on january 1st meant the mountain would be covered in snow at that time.  i like to tease luke that since we live here now, we could have a vow renewal someday!

it is funny because the last time we lived in flagstaff i had only lived in phoenix before, so fall felt so super fall-ish.  now, after living in michigan and experiencing such beautiful falls (like here and here) i keep waiting for all the leaves to change  and it to really feel like fall but then i have to remind myself that the majority of trees here stay green all year long.  i am glad we have the aspens, at least.

this was the only family photo we were able to coax mateo into.  

at the last minute, we also grabbed an old john denver album off of our wall.  ever since we've had it this album has been asking to get taken to the mountains with us.  i tried to talk mateo into taking a jd photo too, but he was too busy.

 in full disclosure i should say that even though we spent a few glorious hours hanging out under the glittering leaves, we were not alone.  our timing was so bad that we were there at the same time as a field trip of 3 buses of kids!  so it wasn't exactly quiet or peaceful, but it was fun.  mateo found his little bus toy in the car and just stood, very seriously, holding his bus out to the real school bus.  silent and serious.  he was figuring something major out regarding toys vs. real life we think.

today it is 80 degrees outside and not so windy, so hopefully the leaves will hold for a few more hikes and picnics!

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