Monday, September 1, 2014

field of flowers

we recently went to the same field we took family photos at last year to celebrate little rosie turning one, and our family getting older.  we've wanted to go for weeks but luke has been traveling and we've all been occupied with so much.  we were lucky that the field was in full bloom and the light was perfect and the forest was beautiful as always.  the kids were so patient with us.  i'm glad we made it happen.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

at 11 months rose clementine

 :: says mama mama mama ::
:: shouts "hi!" (sounds more like "hi-eee!") to anyone and everyone she sees, all day long, all the time ::
:: sometimes says "agua" when she sees it ::
:: and "uh oh" when anything falls ::
:: is still very busy at all times ::
:: but cuddles me, especially in the evening ::
:: sniffs flowers when she sees them ::
:: cruises all around the house ::
:: loves slow roasted beets more than any other food i've given her ::
:: shouts repeatedly every time we enter a public restroom - the result of her brother and sister going through a "echo, echo!" restroom shouting phase ::
:: loves to dance ::
:: loves the bath, despises hand washing ::
:: has the sweetest high pitch giggle ::

i love getting to know her better each day.

Thursday, August 7, 2014


months and months ago i mentioned to my neighbor, a master gardener, that one of my most favorite herbs is lavender, and how much i wished i could grow it in flagstaff.  she told me about a small lavender festival in eastern arizona that happens for just a few days each summer.  i told luke it was my number one summer goal to go, and i'm so glad we did.  the farm is called red rock ranch is owned by a couple who is happy to share their experience.  we went to a workshop on cooking with lavender, had a picnic in the cool grass, and harvested a bunch of lavender to bring home to dry.  it was a beautiful day and my only regret is not asking someone to take our photo all together.  a favorite memory: i overheard ruby saying that when she grows up, she wants to be a harvester of lavender, and mateo responded that he'd be a crop duster and fly overhead so they could wave to each other.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

father's day, part 2

the second surprise of father's day was that we'd booked a night at wigwam village, in holbrook, just outside the park.  we love to support old route 66 and have always wanted to stay here.  now that mateo has seen the cars movie, he really wanted to stay here too and surprising luke with it was his idea.  the teepees were fun and the motel keeps old classic cars parked outside each one which we all appreciated.  it may have not been the most comfortable/peaceful/solid night of sleep we've ever had, but we were all on a total we-are-sleeping-in-a-teepee high.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

father's day, part 1

we surprised luke with a little trip to the petrified forest national park for father's day.  it was beautiful out and the petrified wood was like nothing we'd ever seen.  

we went for a hike and we were all impressed by the petroglyphs.

ruby loved the wind, we loved ruby in the wind.

as the sun began to set we found a spot for a picnic, on the edge of a canyon.  

Monday, July 14, 2014

summer swim

 ruby has been asking to go to swim class for years.  we finally made it happen, and she was crazy about it.  she loved the water and made a good friend in her class and talked about her every day.  another little girl in her class had an older (teenage) sister pick her up after every class and wrap her in a towel - hug.  ruby told me one day "mama, i wish i had a big sister to do that for me!".  i mentioned it later in secret to mateo, and the next day he was ready with towel-in-arms for her right outside the pool.  he was actually ready a few minutes before the class ended just to be safe, and when ruby saw him she was so excited she left the class early.  a lifeguard tried to get her back in but she told him "i'm full of the class!".  we eventually convinced her to return to the pool,  and when it really was over she ran into mateo's arms and he wrapped her up in the towel and lifted her up.  she was the happiest.

 rosie had her first swim class too, with me.  she loves the water but it turns out a 5:30 swim class really tires her out and she ended up falling asleep about 15 minutes in during every single class.  oh, rose.

the last day of ruby's class is diving board day.  her siblings were excited to watch.  she loved jumping in and even asked to go a second time.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

junior rangers

 recently i took the kids for a hike at sunset crater.  they love it because it is an ancient volcano so the trail is made of crackle-y dried lava, and because there are posts along the trail numbering 1-10 and they run from each one to the next counting.  i love it because they run the whole way and i don't have to worry about little bodies getting tired and asking to be carried the rest of the way.  it was a beautiful day.

 mateo and ruby got workbooks to become junior rangers and like always, took it extremely seriously.  

 (their favorite numbers, you can guess why)

and lastly, here they are being sworn in and proud to be junior rangers.  they told me they'd learned to pick up any trash they find and to keep people on the trails at all times.