Friday, May 30, 2014

rei trash pickup

we've loved and been members of rei forever but we were a little sad to learn it would be opening in our town full of little locally owned camping and biking shops.  we will still be supporting those little shops, for sure.  because you know we never miss a grand opening, we went all together early in the morning to be the first 100 who win reusable water bottles with gift cards inside.  they had bagels and muffins, coffee and a photobooth.  reps from the big outdoor brands gave prizes away to the long line of people waiting for it to open.  mateo remembered we had an extra trash bag from our recent earth day trash pickup in the bottom of our stroller, so he went up and down the line of the hundreds of people asking for their trash as we waited.

Monday, May 26, 2014

at 8 months rosie

:: refuses to be on her knees (crawling position) so she is still super easy to care for - i put her down in a sitting position and she happily stays right there ::
:: has not one tooth ::
:: has a big gummy smile ::
:: is really chubbing up ::
:: learned to clap in sedona while camping this month and hasn't stopped since ::
:: makes a little "yay!" while she claps ::
:: loves to eat solid food ::
:: is not too into cuddling ::
:: is just like her brother in that she is busy from morning to night, not wanting to miss a thing ::
:: goes absolutely crazy for bathtime ::
:: points with 5 fingers at people she loves ::
:: anticipates her brother and sister when she hears them coming, then screams and flaps her arms and legs until she sees them ::
:: hasn't worn shoes in weeks ::

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

sporties for shorties

 this year we've been going weekly to a little community sports class.  it is for 3-5 year olds and a really sweet 60 minutes of classic group games like red light green light or the parachute, rock climbing and pool time.  mateo went for a few months by himself, while ruby and rose and i watched him on the sidelines.    it was fun to watch him interact with the coaches - it was really important to him to be a good listener and follow directions, and he was always the first kid at the coach's heels.  he didn't care too much about making friends and he was maybe the only one who cared about coming in first during the races.  so he came in first place for every single race.

 when ruby turned 3 she finally got to join in.  she had no fear and jumped right in with her brother.  she really seemed to take it seriously - if the task was walking across the gym like an elephant, that girl walked (slowly) like an elephant across the entire gym making sure her whole body radiated elephant in every way, while the class waited a bit impatiently, having finished their walk minutes earlier.  she comes in last in every race with a smile on her face.  i love it.

rosie sits sweetly with me on the sidelines and always makes me smile.

Monday, May 19, 2014

mateo at 5

lost his first tooth without any warning (i was brushing his teeth)
learned to ride a bike with no training wheels in about an hour, then rode it downtown sharing the news with everyone we passed
says his favorite color is mint green
says 5 is his favorite number
wants to be an astronaut
loves to run fast
has to be first
likes to draw stick figures
reads all day
likes board games and puzzles
is excited for kindergarten this fall
is taller than most of his friends
is experimenting with picky eating for the first time in his life
watches a show or movie once a week, on friday nights
doesn't know the words stupid or bored
is still so innocent in so many ways
has learned how to taunt his sister
and can talk his way out of many things
is so helpful
loves special time (one on one time) with me or his papa

Saturday, May 17, 2014

birthday shoes and birthday skirt

thanks, mama! 
(and thanks, sedona goodwill!)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

mami hair

 ruby has forever loved my hair.  instead of a stuffed animal or a blanket she has always held and touched and hugged and kissed my hair.  since she could talk she has called me "mami hair" instead of just "mami".  i started growing it out after my labor with mateo and now, 5 years later, it was time to let it go.  it was so heavy and stayed wet for hours and every morning i woke to tangles and complained about it daily to luke.  so i talked a lot about it to ruby - how i'd grow it out again and how we'd send it off to be donated to women battling cancer who could use it - and i took her with me to get it cut.  i didn't feel anything except relief when it was gone, and lucky for me ruby is figuring out new ways to play with my short hair.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

mothers day

my first mothers day with three

Friday, May 2, 2014

the bowling alley

 i was trying to come up with something fun to do for a special afternoon with just mateo when a friend reminded me of the bowling alley in town.  i talked about it with luke and we thought he'd love it so we made plans for me to take him, but then the temptation of all of us going for his first time ever and what fun we might have won out, and we all went together as a family.  ruby was really into it right away while mateo was at first nervous about the bowling shoes, but soon we were all having the best time.  we'd never thought to take them bowling before.  they have asked us every day since when we might go back.  but for some reason they pronounce it in a thick spanish accent - "when can we go to the 'boo-ling ahli' mama?" - and we enjoy it so much that we haven't corrected them.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

at 7 months little rosie

 :: eats a bit of mashed fruit every morning, and a bit of mashed vegetable each evening ::
:: and drinks leche de mami all day and all night ::
:: loves pear sauce ::

 :: has a few favorite things to play with: sophie the giraffe and vintage spools of ribbon made of cardboard ::
:: loves for ruby to read her simple stories ::
:: and stops whatever she is into when she hears mateo's voice ::
:: is busy, busy, busy exploring and touching and discovering whatever is around her - she reminds me so much of mateo as a baby ::

:: kisses us when we say "beso beso beso... muah" :: 
:: waves hello and hola to me and to the computer and to the lights ::
:: finds every tag on every toy or blanket ::
:: waves my hair around ::

:: is still not a fan of riding in the stroller :: 
:: is still the coziest little thing ever to sleep next to ::
:: is still the sweetest little baby love in all of our lives ::