Wednesday, April 23, 2014


we spent the entire day before easter walking around town with friends, picking up trash and listening to music, picnicking, then hanging out at mother road and ordering fancy pizzas to be delivered.  it was such a great day but because of it we didn't get to dye our eggs with the vegetables i'd prepared.  i was stressing about it the night before as we all got home exhausted but luke reminded me that we'd had such an amazing community day to be thankful for because of the fact that we didn't rush home for an egg dying extravaganza.  he was so right.  i have gotten pretty good at saying no in general, but i am learning i need to say no to myself and all my ideas more often.  

 we had a lovely easter, with most importantly many stories and conversations of Jesus, an egg hunt with hard boiled natural eggs under a blossoming apple tree, and a brunch of green chiles, ham and eggs, and lemon rolls with cream cheese.  i am thankful.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

ruby's special day

 we celebrated ruby's birthday a few days early this year.  her true birthday is this monday and we will celebrate at home as a family where my only focus is her, but today we had a special day for her with our friends.  she wanted to invite one special friend, the librarians, and our neighbor (also a librarian).  she had an idea for a special madeline-tea party-flower picnic that we would have right outside the library where she likes to play.  we made invitations and she handed each one out by hand.  i found some madeline-ish dresses in our stash of old clothes and mateo dressed as pepito, madeline's neighbor in the books.  we had sandwiches with honey roasted peanut butter and jelly (ruby's request), ham and gruyere with greens and mustard, and cream cheese and cucumber, lemon poppyseed scones, crustless veggie quiche, "party"carrots (mateo's request since we only keep large carrots at home), homemade linzer cookies and fruit kabobs which were everyone's favorite.  it was sunny and breezy and a beautiful day.  my little ruby girl is getting so big!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

at 6 months rose

 :: grabs both sides of my face with open palms (oh, the feel of open baby hands are one of my most favorite things in the world) ::
:: wakes me up every morning with squeezes to my nose and feels all around my face until i open my eyes ::
:: and then is greeted by two siblings running in to welcome her to each day the minute they hear her awake ::
:: giggles at door knobs when i happen to be standing near them, and lunges for them ::

:: has had a pretty healthy month, hooray! ::
:: is just 12 pounds and weighs less than 99% of babies her age ::
:: started eating solid food - avocado, sweet potato, broccoli, banana and applesauce ::
:: has traveled to utah, new mexico, texas, and california ::

 :: is SUPER HAPPY like in this photo most of the time ::
:: except around 7:30 every night when she wants to be ready for bed, cuddled with her mama ::
:: doesn't like to fall asleep in the car or stroller - she reminds me so much of mateo with how they both don't want to miss anything ::
:: lifts (a bit clumsily still) her little arms to reach for me ::

 :: started making a few squawks and other loud noises this month to play and get attention when she sees someone new - she has always been a really quiet baby ::
:: and buries her head and all but one eye in me when someone new talks to her, that sweet and shy baby reaction ::
:: kicks and kicks and kicks (happily) when she is laying on her back ::

 :: has started sitting up (with light assistance) ::
:: and playing with toys ::
:: loves baby story time and playing with her siblings ::
:: holds ruby's hand through every car ride ::
:: and laughs like crazy whenever mateo looks at her ::

:: is such a little joy and we can't imagine life without her ::

mateo just woke up and says "i'll tell you some things about rose:
she's named rose, her favorite color is purple, her favorite animal is a giraffe, her best friend is baby margaret, rosie's so funny."

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

rosie eats

 rosie has started showing interest in eating food with us.  i am excited for her but also (you know me, ever the savor-er) sad to end this season of her life (and mine) where she drinks only milk from me.  we have been really casual about feeding her, giving her a bit of something from our meal when it works, and she is only a little interested.  she will roll the food around in her mouth and then usually it falls out as she smiles - i'm not quite sure anything has made it down to her stomach yet, but i'm not in any hurry.

 her first try was this night, when we made a big yummy salad with avocado for dinner.  her first taste was mashed avocado.  i was surprised to see just how excited mateo and ruby were to see her try her first food.

Monday, March 24, 2014

a few from california

 we recently went to california for my beautiful cousin's wedding.  it was amazing to be there to see her get married (i cried all through the rehearsal, ack!) and to spend time with so many family members that we rarely get to see.  it was a super quick trip but we were all five on a high all weekend long from family and love and fun.  mateo and ruby had a part in the wedding and i forgot to take a single photo of them, the one above is the only one i have (thanks josh!).

before heading home, we took a little drive up the coast with two goals in mind : some beach time and some fish tacos.  here is rose on her 6 month birthday and her first time at the beach.

ruby with sand and the ventura pier

 mateo likes to run! everywhere! fast!, and the pier was his perfect runway

"mama, take a picture of me and this bird!"

Saturday, March 8, 2014

best hike

 luke and i have been working on a new philosophy lately of saying no, especially on weekends.  we like to be social but it is so good to have a weekend completely open to going slow and getting things done and doing what is best for our family.  one of the big goals is actively not rushing.  it has felt really, really good.  this day we had a super slow morning of making and eating a big breakfast, and planned on a hike in sedona.  we were so slow about the morning we finally made it to the hike at the start of what would usually be naptime.  we almost decided not to go at all.  but!  it ended up being the perfect hike. 

 we did fay canyon hike, one of our favorites, and later we realized we did it almost exactly 2 years ago.  it is only 2 1/2 miles round trip, and the trail takes you back through a canyon to a giant anvil-shaped rock that you can climb up and look back on amazing sedona views.
 i climbed up with rose and mateo,

 and luke climbed up behind ruby who hiked all by herself.  we were so happy to have happy hikers! and no one was grouchy or fussy!  and rose slept the entire time.

 superhero face

 we climbed and we scrambled and we sat and we snacked for awhile.  

 finally awake

 when we decided to head back i started racing mateo and ruby and the three of us ran the entire way back to the car.  it was so fun.  they are so fun.

 the funny part is luke walks at the same speed as mateo, ruby and i running.  not really fair. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

little readers

at some point this month i realized we had more than 70 books checked out from the library at once.  maybe 10 were books and cookbooks for me, the rest was all them.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


 one cold morning mateo woke up and asked "mama, can we go on an adventure?".  of course there is no saying no to a request like that, so i packed up the car and the kids and drove to the grand canyon.  it's so close i feel almost embarrassed that we don't go more often.  it's the grand canyon!

 this group of tourists didn't speak english but we communicated with hand gestures their offer to take a picture of me with the kids and then they helped me with rose.  i love hearing people love on her in different languages.

 beautiful as always

 this was the best i could do for a photo of them all together, and rosie's first time at the canyon.  we'll do better next time i'm sure.  it was such a sunny day.

 mateo and ruby picked up junior ranger packets at the visitor center and the packets basically guided the rest of our day.  they smelled the air, drew pictures of the canyon, discussed the plants and animals we saw.  they took the junior ranger packets REALLY SERIOUSLY.

 it totally made me want to homeschool.  or unschool.  

 (a page from mateo's packet)

 after a little rim hike, we had snacks from home and a coffee at a local little bike shop.  rosie was happy to be cozy and warm.

we didn't have time to both take a bus and watch the movie about california condors, so mateo politely asked a bus driver in a parked bus if we could explore inside for a few minutes.  i love this about mateo - he politely asks anyone anywhere about what he wants or wants to know - construction workers about what they are working on, librarians about things he wants to explore, drivers in cars about if their car is a  race car - i love it because i remember being his age and being too shy to ask for more salsa at taco bell.  he is never too shy to ask.

after we filled out the junior ranger packets, we took them back to the visitor center and the kids were both sworn in with one hand held up as they repeated a little vow to protect the parks.  since this visit there has been a lot of talk about california condors and also about picking up trash wherever we see it in nature - good lessons, right? 

one last photo, this of their proud funny faces wearing their new grand canyon junior ranger badges.  (mateo has his zion one on too).